Ms Stomper – Sizing Information and Shoe Fitting Graphics

Ms Stomper shoes tend to run slightly small and narrow, with respect to a ladies’ dress shoe size. Some dancers have told us that they need a half size larger than their normal size. If you ever take a wide size you are likely to need a wide or extra wide in Ms Stomper. Sizes 6 – 9 1/2 come in extra wide; extra wides are available in Black or White.

The Ms Stomper features a fitted toe. If you need a roomier toe, you may wish to order a half size larger or consider the more generous Dance Class clogging shoe (#527C). If the Ms Stomper is too narrow in the heel, you again may want to consider the Dance Class clogging shoe (#527C).
We install the largest heel tap size possible, without allowing the tap to overhang the shoe heel. The size heel tap normally used is shown on the fit graphics, as well, and is generally: up through size 6.5 a small heel tap; size 7 and above a medium tap. Rare anomalies in the shoe manufacturing process may require us to install a different size tap.


We have prepared foot sizing graphics for you to download and print. Click Instructions for information on how to use the graphics below. 


Ms Stomper Sizes- White, Black, or Red

Regular             4    4.5  5  5.5  6  6.5  7  7.5  8  8.5  9  9.5  10  10.5  11

Wide                 4    4.5  5  5.5  6  6.5  7  7.5  8  8.5  9   9.5  10.5  11

Extra Wide        6   6.5  7  7.5

*Please note that shoe heels from the manufacturer are running smaller on some shoes.  This requires that we install a small heel tap on those sizes.  Please call us if you want to be sure of the size of heel tap installed.