Ralph’s MusicTM Music CDs

Our Ralph’s MusicTM line contains about a hundred titles of traditional and mountain music.  All titles were originally produced as analog recordings.  Selections fall into one of two categories.

ClogcueTM songs were recorded specially for clogging and have choreographed clogging routines written, in most cases, by nationally recognized clogging instructors.  The instructor calls out the cues on a slowed down version of the instrumental on a separate music track.  You can read more about the ClogcueTM format by clicking on the ClogcueTM product button below.

Just for Clogging music selections generally have associated cue sheets, rather than voice-over-music cueing.  These often contain two different instrumental tracks on the CD.  Read more, also, about this format on the category information page by clicking Just for Clogging below.


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Clogcue CDs                                                         Just For Clogging CDs



Teaching Videos



We currently have two each of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and buck dancing DVD titles made directly from the analog masters.  One beginner DVD uses a steps teaching approach and the other employs a routines teaching method.


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