All submitted orders must include a shipping charge.  We attempt to process your order as quickly as possible. However we receive a large volume of orders during August-October, and shipping can be delayed.  If shipping or other order details are incomplete and we need to contact you, this can further delay ship out of your package.

The shopping cart on this web site will provide estimated shipping charges for UPS. It does so by interfacing with the UPS computer to determine charges, based upon the order details furnished.  However, the UPS third-party computers may generate shipping omissions or errors.  If you have any problems, please contact us by phone or email. Sometimes, if you contact us we may be able to put an order into an alternate package that allows for a lower shipping charge.

If you provide us with your email address, UPS can send you an email when they pick up your package at our store. This will provide you with a tracking number and details, as to when UPS expects to deliver your package. You will need to enter your physical address, as UPS does not deliver to a P.O. box. If you do not regularly receive packages via UPS, please let your local delivery person know to expect a shipment. If you will not be home for delivery, make arrangements with your driver where to leave the package. If UPS tries to deliver your package; is unable to deliver and returns the package to us, there is a $25.00 restocking fee. Please, keep in mind that UPS does not guarantee delivery times, when unsuitable weather conditions prevail.


Subject to the addition of a minimum documentation preparation fee of $US 60 we will resume international shipping in 2018.  See the more detailed explanation below*.

*Beginning January 2, 2018, we will resume international shipping possibilities for our products. International shipments are subject to all US and foreign laws.  Depending upon the availability** of shipping personnel, we will process international documents required on all boxes and provide special transit to the Post Office in Mercer PA.  Special hand transit is required, since all of our existing shipping services pick up and deliver to our door.  The minimum charge for documentation preparation and transit (this does not include actual shipping charges, related insurance and other charges through the US Postal Service) will be $US60 for each box up to 5 US pounds or 3 pairs of shoes.  For each box above that weight and up to about 20 pounds, a $90 documentation and transit charge will be added.

**Ship out delays will occur when we are busy and particularly during the busiest period of August 1stthrough end of the calendar year, so please allow lead time for them when you order.