Regular Taps

Regular Taps Catalog pdf


Stevens Stompers® regular or non-Buck tap are designed, so that the toe tap fits completely under the shoe toe.  This allows them to be used on shoes that have a toe contour not suitable to Buck Taps®. Stevens Stompers® regular taps may be attached by means of different methods.

To NAIL – – or not to NAIL…

Nail On, Screw On, or Glue On? Clogging taps have traditionally been nailed onto shoes using shoe tacks. This is still the attachment method of choice for most dancers. Our Nail On design calls for the nails to be inserted on an angle. Properly installed, any nail head that backs out will hit against the outer tap plate and be driven back in while dancing.

Some cloggers like to attach taps themselves using a Screw Kit, purchased separately. The Nail-On style taps are also appropriate for this screw application.

Stevens Stompers® developed a revolutionary Glue On style tap. Glue Ons do not have nail holes and can be installed using a variety of commercially available adhesives.

A downloadable Tap Install Brochure contains detailed attachment instructions.  We do not normally install regular taps on shoes we sell except for the ladies split sole sneakers.  The sneaker shoe styles will not accept Buck Taps®, so regular taps are attached with nails.  Sneaker styles are the only shoes that are returnable with regular taps installed.  On all other styles, shoes with regular tap installation may not be exchanged or returned.