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Mr Stomper is a Jazz style clogging oxford. It has a soft leather upper, is unlined, and features a composition outsole and wood heel. Mr Stomper employs a steel shank, which reinforces the arch and prevents the shoe from flexing. This means that it cannot be used to do toe stands or other such “non-flat-foot” steps. Square and round dancers also love this shoe. Designed with a pointy toe, it is available in white and black. Medium sizes run 5 through 14 (6 through 11 also include half sizes). Mr Stompers below size 5 have been discontinued, however, we do have some Sizes 2 and 3 available in white or black (please call to check availability for ordering). Wide sizes are available 7 through 13 (with half sizes 7 and 11).

You have a choice of two tap install possibilities for this style: 1.) Shoes on which we have installed Buck TapsĀ® may be exchanged or returned according to terms in ourĀ Exchange Policy. 2.) We can install Regular (non-Buck taps), however they may NOT be exchanged or returned.

As previously mentioned, Mr. Stompers are not designed to do toe stands. A steel shank in the arch prevents the arch from flexing. Attempting toe stands or other similar steps in these shoes will cause the sole to crack behind the toe taps. This is not a defect in the shoe and we cannot be responsible for soles which have cracked. We will neither replace or refund shoes for cracked shoe soles.

Also you will want to note that the surface on which you dance will affect the life of your shoes. Shoes soles that can stand up to many years of dancing on wood or tile, may be worn through in a matter of hours of dancing on asphalt or concrete. If you are planning to dance on these types of abrasive surfaces from time to time, you might want to add heavier wear pads to the outsole or order the Dance Class shoe, which has a considerably thicker sole. See Dance Class Clogging shoe pages. Any shoes and taps will wear out quickly on abrasive surfaces.

As with all dance or sport equipment, your shoes will require periodic care. Check shoe soles and taps for signs of wear. We carry shoe bags for transporting your equipment and a variety of products to care for your shoes or enhance your clogging enjoyment.