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The Calypso split sole clogger is constructed with a very soft, full-grain, leather upper with a top-line, reinforced toe box and counter weight. Pure comfort with a terry lining and cushioned insole. Available in black or winter white. UNFORTUNATELY, WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO GET SHOES IN ALL SIZES IN BLACK. We do offer another style of flexible arch shoes, the Free Spirit (597). The Calypso is a firmer leather shoe style compared to the Split Sole Black Heel.

**These leather uppers are very soft. This is what allows the Calypso Split Sole shoes to have comfortable flexibility and to bend according to the dancers’ needs. The leather will continue to wrinkle with use. We cannot accept back or refund split sole shoes for shoe upper wrinkling at any time. We do offer an alternative style with a “firmer” leather upper. This is found in the Free Spirit (#597) shoe, which also features a flexible arch.

** We recommend checking with your foot doctor before using shoes without arch support. Use could cause foot problems.