Composite Adult Dance Class Shoe Sizing

Composite Adult Dance Class shoes approximate ladies’ street shoe sizes. The cut provides for generous ladies’ fit and is suitable for many men, as well. Men will probably want sizes 1 1/2 to 2 sizes larger than their usual men’s size. Cut wide through the heel and made with a full toe box, these shoes work well for cloggers that may have difficulty with more tapered or fitted shoes.

Sizing graphics are provided for each size in the table below. Click Instructions for information on how to use the graphics. Keep in mind that no sizing system can completely know your feet, but this method should help you to arrive at the most likely size to fit your foot size.


Regular     5     5.5    6    6.5    7    7.5    8    8.5    9    9.5    10    10.5    11

Wide                                        7    7.5    8    8.5    9